by The Spiritual Accountant

Emma J Perry BSc ACA

Emma J Perry BSc ACA


To create a universal community where people and companies align their work around each individual's life purpose. To be a platform that empowers people to learn, understand and express who they truly are.


Our team of psychic business consultants will be on hand to offer spiritual business advice. This will be in the form of legal, taxation, financial & technological guidance, as well as psychic readings, mediumship and healing for those needing divine assistance in creating shifts.


Learn in an atmosphere of high energy created by circus performers, jugglers, dancers, assisted by psychic mediums and energy healers.

Module 1 will discuss the practical steps that you need to go through to look inside yourself and be receptive to discovering your purpose. 

In Module 2 you will learn to shift your mindset to one where you can can define the life that you want, as well as make this vision more tangible and understand how to create your reality.

Module 3 looks at creating a business idea or purposeful working life using your talents, life purpose and passions. You will create a plan for your business or work, embracing any potential obstacles. 

In Module 4 you will explore how you can build & tap into a supportive network and team of like-minded people.

In Module 5 you will create a strategy & plan of action for transitioning to your life of purpose; the systems & processes that you will have in place to support you on your new journey; & your funding & pricing strategy.

In the final part of the course, Module 6, you will learn how to live the strategy & make it a reality.


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