Our Fees

Can you reduce my tax bill? This is a question we get asked a lot.

Can you justify your fees? This is a question we also get asked a lot.

Recently we reduced Mr W's tax bill by £98,340 and Mr K's tax bill by £78,360.


These are unusual cases and no doubt the clients are very happy. But this is not a justification for using a tax specialist or for deciding whether their fees are worthwhile. In the above cases, the reductions were obtained because HMRC took certain actions outside the prescribed time limits. There was no "magic" involved in making these savings. We are not here to reduce your tax bill. But we are here to manage your case to get you the best financial result with the minimum of stress and anxiety and to do this in a professional and efficient manner.

Our fees are fixed at the commencement of the assignment and there are no additional charges (unless you are suspected of fraud).

The fixed fee covers everything we need to do irrespective of the number of hours we spend on your affairs or the length of time it can take which can be a matter of years. A cost cannot be put on reducing the level of stress and anxiety that these problems can cause you.

Each individual has to assess whether to remove their own teeth or use a dentist. This is not a dissimilar decision. 

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