Why use a tax avoidance specialist

Tax Avoidance

Most of our clients come from other accountants. This is because they know that a specialist is required in certain circumstances for example a complex tax problem, insolvency advice and a host of other matters that they are not qualified to deal with. If you had a specific medical problem, your doctor might refer you to a specialist in that area.

If you had a legal problem you would refer it to a solicitor in that area.

It follows therefore that you would use a properly qualified specialist for a tax problem that requires specific advice from a practitioner that is familiar with your scheme and has other similar cases.

The other reasons for appointing a specialist are:

  • to deal with HMRC on an equal level to protect your interests.
  • to ensure all HMRC actions against you are legal and within the prescribed time limits
  • to develop a strategy and tactical approach to dealing with your case towards achieving the best possible outcome
  • to reduce the stress and anxiety of dealing with matters which are outside the knowledge of most accountants and advisors except for a specialist.
  • to have someone who is aware of the necessary legislation and practices of HMRC
  • to be able to predict likely HMRC actions and predict possible outcomes
  • to exercise expertise in the area of negotiation relating to the settlement of your dispute
  • to reduce any penalties that you may have become liable to through cooperation and negotiation
  • to advise you with regard to agreeing Time to Pay Arrangements where necessary
  • to advise you on other matters such as Group Representation, Litigation support, Tribunal hearings and HMRC's Litigation and Settlement Strategy
  • to give you complete assurance of being professionally supported at the highest level to obtain the best result possible in what we understand to be extremely stressful circumstances for your family
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