Emma's story

holistic accountant

This chartered accountancy practice was founded by The Holistic Accountant, Emma J Perry BSc ACA, in March 2014.

Emma was born in London, and studied psychology at The University of Birmingham from 2002 to 2005. In 2006 she left psychology behind to become a chartered accountant so that she could create a financially secure life for her self. In 2009 she qualified and headed off to live in the USA, where she worked with Harvard Business School on a project in counter-terrorism analysis.

Whilst living in the USA she began to feel that she was not in alignment with herself, but had no idea of how to deal with these feelings of being lost. So in March 2010 she asked her mother to come and visit. During her mother's visit, Emma was driving them to New Mexico, when she had a car accident in the depths of the Mojave desert. This was a freak accident in which Emma watched her mother die.

Emma promised that she would use the pain of the accident to live a life where she would help the world. It took her a long time to realise how this would come to fruition, and so she had several attempts at trying to build a life that was meaningful. 

Her first attempt was to find meaning by becoming a business analyst where she worked at Fitch Ratings in the leveraged finance department. Three years into her new career she had encountered a few road blocks, including being hit by a car, and suffering two mental breakdowns. 

It was after the second breakdown that she went on sick leave and decided to set up Emma J Perry & Co: modern accountants, with old-fashioned values. This was her attempt to do good in the world by changing the way business was conducted, especially in light of all that she had witnessed in the financial services arena.

She found that she enjoyed the freedom of not having a boss, but was soon to fall into a depression once she realised that the freedom alone was not enough to bring her fulfilment.

In the summer of 2017 she realised that she was not achieving the promise that she had made in the desert seven years earlier. She decided she would sell her flat and go travelling around the world, working as The Holistic Accountant, a chartered accountant that helps balance the books of business and work, as well as the books of the body, mind, heart and soul.

In September 2017 Emma also founded The Conscious Networkers, an online community of conscious business professionals. The mission of this community is to help members to find the people that they need to connect with, and the information that will help them on their journey, to find a life that is purposeful and aligned with who they are meant to be.

There are three groups of people that we help:

  1. Those looking for their life purpose - There are a large number of people that are unable to get off the daily treadmill of going to a job that they do not enjoy. They are looking for meaning, but do not know where to find the answers that they are looking for.
  2. Those looking to balance their life purpose with financial stability -  There are many people that are aware of their purpose as they have known it all of their life, whether they are artists, musicians or entrepreneurs. But they are uncertain of how to make it financially sustainable.
  3. Those that want to fulfil their purpose in life - There are a growing number of people that have awakened to their purpose and that are able to balance it with the financial security needed to live a purposeful life. This platform is to help them in living their purpose.

To learn more about how Emma works in a holistic way, get a copy of her book HERE.