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Emma J Perry BSc ACA

Emma J Perry BSc ACA

Emma J Perry BSc ACA - Holistic Accountant

After graduating with a degree in psychology in 2005 and then qualifying as a chartered accountant in 2009, Emma headed out to live in the USA. Her mother came to visit her and they were involved in a car accident in the desert. Only Emma survived.

After the accident Emma suffered with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. She moved back to London, and decided to change industries and become a business analyst in financial services. However, she found the workplace unsupportive and her depression worsened. The accident made Emma realise how important it is to find meaning in her career and so in March 2014 she decided to quit her job and set up her own accountancy practice.

But being an accountant was not her life purpose and with time she grew more unfulfilled and depressed. During this time she also became increasingly interested in spirituality. Following her mother’s accident she had felt her mother's presence and was able to develop psychic abilities.

Her work as a psychic medium and healer led Emma to question her existence, and put her on the path to finding her life purpose.

She found that by seeking to understand and improve the tangible (the body—physical health, money and business) and the intangible (the mind, the heart and the soul) parts of her life, she was able to find and live her life purpose.

Emma's life purpose is to use holistic accountancy to help others connect the intangible and tangible parts of their life, so that they can find and live their life purpose.

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