Personal Tax Planning

If you have any earnings that are non-company related (whether from the UK or outside the UK), we help you pay the least amount of tax to HMRC in both the short and long term. This could be relevant if you:

  • are selling an asset (also known as capital gains, e.g. selling property, shares, a business)
  • have non-business rental income
  • have income from savings & investments (i.e. interest or dividends)
  • have income from running a business (i.e. sole trader income)
  • have received a gift (also known as inheritance tax, e.g. cash or assets)
  • do contract or freelance work (i.e. self-employment income)
  • have employment income outside of PAYE (e.g. income over £100k, redundancy pay)
  • have a private pension
  • receive child benefit
  • have received a payout from an insurance policy.