Notifying HMRC of Undeclared Income

If you have undeclared income (either because you made a mistake on your tax return or you didn’t notify HMRC in time about a new source of income) you risk the escalation of fees over time (which is determined by your intent, not dealing with the situation or dealing with it incorrectly yourself), and in extreme circumstances you even face criminal prosecution or bankruptcy. If you have undeclared income and would like to come forward to HMRC about your undeclared earnings, we act as an intermediary between yourself and HMRC to inform them of your income and limit the amount that you may be liable for as a consequence (i.e. tax, interest and penalties). We get the best possible outcome for you as we know how to best approach HMRC, we know what information they are likely to be looking for and how to best present the facts of your case. We also ensure that the resolution of your case with HMRC is final (i.e. without any further repercussions from HMRC).