Help! I've used a Tax Avoidance Scheme...

We are tax specialists in this specific area.

Do you expect to receive or have you received an Accelerated Payment Notice or Follower Notice from HMRC?

  • Did you know that some tax enquiries and discovery assessments are illegal and most APN’s are incorrect?  
  • Will you allow HMRC to exceed their powers?
  • Do you know that resorting to professional help later on could be more costly?
Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.
— Calvin Coolidge

Our Services:

You will be fully covered for professional fees until the conclusion of your case, irrespective of the outcome or the amount or length of time required and resolution could still take a number of years to complete. Our professional advice over the remaining course of this dispute is likely to save you more than our fees and remove the stress and anxiety of dealing with HMRC on your own. This is a specialist area of taxation practice and mistakes can prove very costly. Where it is necessary, we will negotiate the lowest possible settlement with HMRC on your behalf.

We are dealing with HMRC on cases relating to the following tax avoidance schemes:

  • Edge Consulting / Norla
  • Talent Resource Management
  • Cherrylon Marketing
  • Trentburg Holdings / Raingold
  • Tract Management
  • White Collar Consulting
  • Sanzar Partnership / Solutions
  • Darwinpay
  • Cascade / Penfolds / Hamilton
  • Castlemaine
  • Actinium Management
  • Aston Management
  • Newquay Professional
  • ASMG