What Clients say about Michael…

Please may I take this opportunity to also thank you both for taking on my unique scenario. Given the nature of the industry, the service and approach offered from yourselves and your business has been particularly refreshing. At all times I have felt confident in your work and at a comfortable understanding in the status of my case despite the complexities.

I appreciate your honesty with circumstances that have not been particularly favourable to myself as this has provided clarity allowing me to accurately plan for the future.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I may cross in a similar scenario and wish you all the best going forward.
— Client, Nov 2017
Michael, I do value your counsel even though I thought you were a real pain as you were not giving me the answers that I wanted to hear!!! But time has proved you right so all credit to you. Thank you
— Client, Aug 2015
Bottom line is that although it has been very daunting I am very glad I have your wise counsel, thank you Michael.
— Client, Jun 2015
Our client is unable to repay any tax demanded by HMRC- trouble is he doesn’t know how much is being asked for but his investment was significant so he is worried. I will certainly recommend he speaks to you for any advice on sorting out the investigation.
— Firm of Chartered Accountants, Jun 2015
I have used Michael Perry and found him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable and very patient with my questions. The bottom line is: sometimes the advice that you receive from accountants is wrong - So when Michael presents the facts in a way that I do not like but which reflect the reality that I (we) find ourselves in, then I appreciate that. I prefer to be told the truth even though it hurts as opposed to a lie that makes me feel good. He is on my team and for that I am extremely grateful and so is my wife.
— Client, Apr 2015
Michael, here’s what you told me in the Tax Advice and Opinion report you prepared for me .... Back in, oh, February 2014 : “No expenses are claimed against this “self-employed” gross income and the calculation seems to be arbitrary and contrived and could give rise to an alleged “false” self-employment.” You were 15 months ahead of the curve .... Thanks so much as always
— Client, Apr 2015
Very reassuring when I was worried about owing the Government outstanding Tax amounts. Immediately took the pressure off my shoulders and helped me through the whole process.
— Client, Feb 2015
I graduated from university with an accounting major, and briefly considered becoming a CPA, along with a career in tax law in Australia many years ago.... Even if things take a turn for the much worse, (you never really know with the tax office), your initial report, and our conversations and dealings since then have proven I chose the best man in town .... And I DID speak to a number of others before I ever contacted you ... It’s a confidence and appreciation that’s well placed....
— Client, Jun 2014
If you’re ever collecting letters of appreciation / referees to sing your praises for all the help you’ve given me so far, you can add me to what I’m sure is a lengthy list of your existing clients who would be willing to put pen to paper or take a call or two or three from wannabe clients ...
— Client, Jun 2014